Help Emily find this man and complete her honest deed

HELEN, Ga-- Twelve-year-old Emily Root is determined to track down a man she's never met. She has a few leads, including a very clear selfie.

During the 4th of July weekend, Emily fished a GoPro Hero3+ HD camera out of the Chattachoochee River in Helen.

"We were playing in the river and we just found the camera underneath a rock," she told 11Alive's Julie Wolfe.

When Emily and her family took the camera home and charged it, they found video of the owner.

The unknown happy, bearded guy took a tubing trip in Helen that weekend. He also took a lot of video capturing 4th of July memories; including the fateful moment he lost them. "A little girl, I'm assuming his daughter, fell off the tube. He went it to get her and that's when he took a tumble," Leah Root said.

For more than an hour, the GoPro was carried down river capturing video of fish and muddy water. It finally ran out of battery and died. It was an unlucky tumble that suddenly took an extremely unlikely lucky turn. It found Emily. She may be the most honest 12-year-old in Georgia.

"Did you ever consider keeping it?" Wolfe asked her.

"No." She and her mom immediately answered. "It's a very expensive camera," Emily said. The reason she's working hard to give it back is the same reason other people might steal it.

This is one of newest versions of the HD camera, starting at $399. Plus, of course, those lost memories.

"The video shows him, and his family. It looks like a regular family vacation," Leah said. "And those memories are priceless."

Emily's military family is from Georgia, but stationed in Fort Campbell, Kentucky. That's where they launched their search to reunite the memories with the man.

That's where YOU come in. The more people that see and share the video, the more likely we'll be able to track him down. Help Emily finish her honest deed. SHARE the story from 11Alive's Facebook page and Twitter Account. If you know him, or are him, email 11Alive's Julie Wolfe at

UPDATE! Thanks to the more than 12,000 shares, we've been able to identify the man so Emily can return his camera. READ DETAILS HERE.


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