Try It Before You Buy It: Air Curler

ATLANTA -- Kate Gillet likes her hair curly, but using a wand can be dangerous.

"With the wand, you have to wrap it. You might get burnt," she says.

Not only can Kate get hurt, it's also difficult to curl the hair toward the back of her head.

That's why she's excited to try the Air Curler, which promises to curl a full head of hair in seconds.

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Despite the product's strange design, Kate has seen enough commercials to know how it works.

"I guess when you put your hair in there, it's like a vortex and it curls it," she says.

Kate attaches the Air Curler's nozzle to her hair dryer. Her mom places a section of Kate's hair inside and then turns on the dryer to a medium setting. She holds it there for 20 seconds, then turns it on cold.

After another 15 seconds, the curl is done.

"It's still looking damp," Kate's mom says.

The curls produced by the product are not dry as promised. They also look frizzier and less smooth than Kate's wand curls.

"Once you used it, it looked all knotty and didn't look nice," she says.

Kate tries the Air Curler several times, but her curls never come out perfect.

"It wasn't that hard to use, but whenever the curls came out, they looked really bad," she says.

Overall, the product does not live up to Kate's expectations. She gives the Air Curler two thumbs down.


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