Try It Before You Buy It: Beyblade Beywheelz

ATLANTA -- Brothers have a tendency to argue and don't always enjoy interacting with each other.

That's why finding toys that will help them play together is important.

Braden and his little brother Sam are typical boys. They rarely get along, except when they are playing video games or games where they are able to compete.

That's why Beyblade Beywheelz is perfect for them.

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The toy is easy to use. The brothers simply feed the ripcord through the launcher and attach the wheel. They twist the wheel, and it's ready to go.

Braden and Sam race the toys, but they aren't only for that. Beywheelz is also for battling.

To battle, each boy sits on opposite sides of the battleground and shoots his Beywheelz.

Braden and Sam have some issues getting started, but believe they can get better with a little practice.

While Sam enjoys the Beywheelz more than his brother, they both think it is a toy they can play with together.

Overall, they have fun and give the Beyblade Beywheelz two thumbs up.


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