Try It Before You Buy It: Citrus Sprayer

ATLANTA -- Lemon is a common cooking ingredient. Mary Ann Piper loves using it on salads and in water.

"My roommate and I do a lot of cooking together," she says.

Mary Ann is excited to try the new Citrus Sprayer, a spritzer that is inserted right into a piece of fruit.

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The commercial makes the product look easy to use. When Mary Ann tries it, she also finds it to be simple.

"It wasn't hard," she says. "Cut off the top (of the lemon) and screw it in."

It sprays well too, to Mary Ann's excitement.

"Ah, it actually works," she says.

However, there is one downside.

"I didn't like how messy it was, but any time you use lemon, it's going to be messy," Mary Ann says.

She is quick to find a solution.

"My hands got all lemony and the counter got all lemony, but if you put a paper towel down, it wouldn't be as messy," she says.

The product's success is a pleasant surprise.

"I didn't think it was going to work," Mary Ann admits.

But because it does, she gives the Citrus Sprayer two thumbs up.


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