Try It Before You Buy It: Cool Baker Cake Pop Maker

(WXIA) -- Cake pops are a popular new trend in baking.

The Cool Baker Cake Pop Maker allows budding chefs to make, decorate and then eat their own delicious cake pops. It's different because its pops are placed in the refrigerator instead of the oven.

Peyton Evans, a spunky 5 year old who often bakes with her parents, is excited to try it.

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Peyton's mother puts the device together, which takes a bit of time because it has so many pieces.

Then, mother and daughter start mixing the batter.

"Just like baking brownies," Peyton says.

They crank the product so the batter flows into the circular molds. Then they place sticks in the molds.

After refrigerating for 15 minutes, the pops are ready. However, they don't quite look like the pops on the box.

Peyton doesn't mind. She's ready to stick the pops in the icing.

"The sticks don't stay!" Peyton's mom says.

From an adult's perspective, the product is a disaster. Peyton and her mother watch as the cake pop falls apart and the process leaves sprinkles and icing all over the kitchen.

"It was so messy. Look at the table!" Peyton says.

Mom is not a fan.

"Putting it together, the mess, the time, you only get to make four little cake pops -- and for $25, that's a lot of money," she says.

But Peyton is the tester, and she couldn't be more pleased.

"I liked the sprinkles, the chocolate, the cake mix -- I liked everything," she says.

Peyton gives the Cool Baker Cake Pop Maker two (messy) thumbs up.


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