Try It Before You Buy It: Cotton Candy Maker

ATLANTA -- Fairs, carnivals, special occasions -- there are plenty of reasons to eat cotton candy.

Nostalgia Electrics' Cotton Candy Maker allows users to make the fun treat whenever they want. It claims it can create cotton candy out of hard or soft candy.

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Brothers Teo and Brian are excited to try it. They believe it will be "really cool."

Unfortunately, the first attempt at making cotton candy is a disaster. And when they turn the device on, it doesn't spin.

However, after fixing it, the boys try again, this time using hard candy. They think the cotton candy tastes "weird," but agree that "crunchy cotton candy ... (is) better than no cotton candy."

The best batch of cotton candy is the one the brothers make with pink sugar. It webs better, and Teo and Brian prefer the taste.

After perfecting their candy making skills, our testers give the Cotton Candy Maker two thumbs up.


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