Try It Before You Buy It: EZ Eyes Keyboard

The EZ Eyes Keyboard promises to make typing easier to see. A business owner puts it to the test.

ATLANTA -- Nancy Bailey is a business owner and often uses a computer. Her screen is large and so is her print size.

"I was born legally blind," she explains.

Nancy has had several eye surgeries, but she still struggles with small type. That's why she's eager to try the EZ Eyes Keyboard.

The product features neon yellow keys with large black print on a black background. It's quite different from Nancy's slick white keyboard.

"Aesthetically, for me, I really do prefer that my computer and my keyboard look like one unit," she says.

Although the EZ Eyes Keyboard is unattractive, it does have bigger font. Unfortunately, it omits information that Nancy has on her old keyboard, including a picture of a speaker to increase the computer's volume. It also lacks USB ports.

Overall, Nancy believes the keyboard is not a good buy. She gives the EZ Eyes Keyboard one thumb up and one thumb down.


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