Try It Before You Buy It: EZ Moves

ATLANTA -- Moving furniture can be difficult on hardwood floors. Furniture is not only heavy, but can lead to scratches all over the ground.

Alfreeda Evans loves her floors, but hates that it's hard to move her furniture.

"I hurt myself because I'm pushing with my hip or my knee, and that's not good," she says.

That's why she's willing to try EZ Moves, a do-it-yourself furniture moving system.

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Once the product is assembled, Alfreeda tries to put the lifter under the couch leg. It doesn't slide easily.

"You've got to get down -- you still got to get under there," she says.

Alfreeda has to lift the couch to place the lifter under the legs. When it is lifted, she puts the pad underneath. She must do this with all four couch legs.

"This is too much work," she says.

Although the process is time-consuming, Alfreeda finds that the pads do work.

"It's much easier," she says.

However, she must lift the furniture again to get the pads out.

"I would use the pads, just not the contraption to lift it," Alfreeda says.

She decides the product is not worth the money and gives the EZ Moves two thumbs down.


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