Try It Before You Buy It: Furniture Fix

ATLANTA -- Over time, furniture can lose its structure and become uncomfortable.

Nicole Jones, a mother, has dealt with this problem over and over again.

"I've noticed it kind of sags because children don't sit down -- they just kind of fall down and fall into the furniture," she says.

That's why Nicole is willing to try Furniture Fix, which promises to lift and fix sagging couches.

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Nicole has a chair that could use a facelift.

"It sort of sags when you sit in it, right down in the middle," she says.

The chair seems to be the perfect guinea pig for the product. To use Furniture Fix, Nicole simply slides its pieces together, according to the directions. Then she places the device under the chair's cushion.

"It doesn't have the appearance of sagging," she says while admiring the chair.

When she sits down, she makes it official.

"It's nice," she says. "It feels a lot better."

The only downside is expense. One box of the product is $15 and only fixes one chair. In order to fix a loveseat, Nicole would need two; she'd need three to fix a couch.

However, she doesn't seem to mind.

"To buy a new sofa can be expensive too!" she says.

In the end, Nicole knows what she's going to buy -- more Furniture Fixes. She gives the product two thumbs up.


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