Try It Before You Buy It: Hot Booties

ATLANTA -- Jill, a mother of two, knows the importance of keeping her feet warm. She says she sometimes wears socks to bed.

Therefore, she's excited to try Hot Booties, socks that are microwaved for 60 seconds to keep feet warm for an hour.

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"I am warm," Jill says after putting on the heated socks. "My toes are actually hot. It's not evenly hot."

She determines the socks distribute their heat unevenly.

Hot Booties are also supposed to act as a type of therapy. They claim that when the wearer stands and moves, they will massage the feet.

However, Jill finds the massage aspect a bit more troublesome than it's worth.

"It's actually more unsteady than I thought it would be, and you can see all the seeds went on top," she says.

While the Hot Booties keep her feet warm, Jill finds she can't walk in them. She says she couldn't buy them for herself, but finds them acceptable as a gift.

In the end, Jill gives the product a mixed review.


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