Try It Before You Buy It: Hot Buns

ATLANTA -- Paige Smith participates in several forms of dance.

"I do hip-hop, jazz, ballet, tap and contemporary," she says.

As most dancers know, there is a certain hair requirement for ballet performances: a bun.

Paige has difficulty making her hair into a bun by herself. She'd love to be able to do it easily for ballet, as well as school.

"It just looks really pretty, and sometimes when you do it, you can have a little braid around it," she says.

That's why she's excited to try Hot Buns, which promises to make it easy to style hair.

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First, Paige puts her hair into a ponytail. Then she applies the Hot Buns at the bottom of the ponytail, rolls her hair upward and snaps the contraption together. Finally, she places the attached band around the bun and covers the accessory with her hair.

Unfortunately, the Hot Buns is not exactly perfect.

"To still make a perfect bun, you're going to have to use some bobby pins if you have any layered hair," Paige's mother says.

But that doesn't matter to Paige. She loves how it looks.

"I really liked how it turned out," she says while admiring herself in the mirror.

Paige did, however, have some criticisms.

"I didn't like the elastic, how it was all the way tucked under when you already have your hair around it," she says. "It was kinda hard to find it."

Even with those negative aspects, Paige still gives the Hot Buns two thumbs up.


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