Try It Before You Buy It: Magna Color

ATLANTA -- 3D added a different and interesting dynamic to watching movies -- but does it work with toys?

Magna Color is a product that allows kids to make designs out of different colored magnets. Users can wear 3D glasses to give their creations a different dimension.

"It looks fun," says tester Haley.

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To start, Haley finds the Magna Color's magnets and pens. She pushes the magnets into the pens, then shakes them so the magnets fall into their correct places, like a game.

After filling the pens, Haley attempts to line them up the way the instructions tell her to, but runs into some difficulties. The toy isn't as easy to use as she expected.

"It'd be easier to put it down with your fingers," she says.

But after a couple tries, Haley starts to get the hang of it. Now, she's anxious to see the Magna Color's 3D capabilities.

With her 3D glasses on, Haley tries to explain what the toy is like.

"It's pretty high, I think," she says. "It's pretty cool."

Overall, Haley likes the 3D element of Magna Color, but admits the product has some issues.

"It was kind of hard to put the pieces on there, but once you get the hang of it, it's easy," she says.

Therefore, the toy doesn't win Haley over entirely. She gives Magna Color a mixed review.


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