Try It Before You Buy It: Perfect Fries

ATLANTA -- Whether they are thin and crispy or thick and soft, everyone loves French fries.

Rochelle and her husband are fry enthusiasts. She used to cut French fries the old-fashioned way. It was tough, so she began cooking the fries that come in a bag.

Rochelle is eager to try Perfect Fries, which promises to make delicious natural-cut fries.

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To use it, Rochelle simply cuts off the tips of a potato, places it in Perfect Fries and presses down on the lid.

The problem is that it's difficult to push down the lid. It takes Rochelle a couple tries, but she finally gets it.

But when she tries to use a sweet potato in Perfect Fries, it won't budge. The resulting fries are firmer than those of the regular potato.

"The regular potato worked," Rochelle says. "The sweet potato, no."

In the end, Rochelle is not convinced that Perfect Fries makes the process faster or easier.

"If I were making fries, I don't think I would go through the trouble of doing that, because I have to get the cutting board and the knife anyway, so I might as well just chop," she explains.

So Perfect Fries isn't nearly as perfect as it claims. Rochelle gives the device two thumbs down.


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