Try It Before You Buy It: Pop Chef

ATLANTA -- Vegetables and fruits are wonderful snacks. They can also be used to make popular edible arrangements.

A new product, the Pop Chef, allows users to make their own arrangements -- or simply turn their snacks into fun shapes.

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Dana Evans learned about the product from her daughter.

"Peyton saw it on a commercial," she says. "We eat a lot of fruit and she thought it was something we could do together."

To use the Pop Chef, Dana puts the cutter on a piece of fruit and squeezes the end to push the fruit out. The product allows users to put a variety of different shapes on the base.

Dana and Peyton try watermelon, cantaloupe, cucumbers and even cheese. The cheese doesn't come out easily, but that doesn't stop mother and daughter from trying all sorts of shapes.

"Now this is something I would get," Dana says.

Unfortunately, the process is a little messy.

"Messy, but in a fun way," Dana says. "They were enjoying eating the fruit, so it was worth it."

Not only is it a good activity for Peyton, but Dana enjoys it as well.

"I can do my own edible arrangement at home," she says.

Overall, the item is a success. Dana gives the Pop Chef two thumbs up.


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