Try It Before You Buy It: Rollie Eggmaster

(WXIA) -- As the mom in a growing family, Elizabeth Warden likes to see everyone off with a filling breakfast.

"I do love to cook, and breakfast is one of my favorite meals to cook," she says.

She wants to try the Rollie Eggmaster. For $30, this product claims its vertical cooking technology will make it a snap to whip up a unique, mess-free meal.

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"I'm not sure about how egg on a stick is going to come out, but I'm excited," she says.

To see if the device really makes a tasty on-the-go breakfast, Elizabeth decides to try the recipe for bacon and eggs on a stick.

She starts by weaving a strip of precooked bacon onto a wooden skewer. After spraying the Rollie Eggmaster with nonstick cooking oil, she cracks an egg into the hot cooking chamber, then inserts the bacon stick.

The directions say to cook the egg for six to eight minutes.

"That's a long time to cook an egg," Elizabeth says.

Eight minutes later, she's ready to eat. But when she tries to remove the skewer ...

"Alright, the first try, the stick came out without it," she says.

After scraping the food out of the chamber, Elizabeth is not impressed with how it looks. She decides to try again, this time giving the product a heavy coat of cooking spray and leaving the eggs inside for less time.

This time, the finished product looks better, but Elizabeth still isn't sold.

"It was a lot of trouble for what it was worth," she says, adding that she will save her money and stick to cooking her eggs and bacon in a pan.

In the end, Elizabeth gives the Rollie Eggmaster two thumbs down.


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