Try It Before You Buy It: Rotato Express

ATLANTA -- Peeling fruits and vegetables with a knife can be dangerous.

Dana Rogers doesn't have a good history with knives.

"I have recruited my husband to help with peeling," she says.

She is willing to try the Rotato Express, which promises to make it easy to peel potatoes.

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Dana's first impression of the device isn't exactly positive.

"Well, it is plastic and light, and that's why I question the durability," she says.

But she still wants to try it. She places a potato on the stand, presses the top and puts the blade on its side. Then she turns on the Rotato Express.

The skin comes off the potato in a strip.

"It's pretty thin," Dana says.

The device misses the top and bottom parts of the peel, but Dana just cuts the ends off the potato.

She then uses the product on an apple and a pear.

"I think it definitely makes things convenient, especially in my case because I could quickly prepare dinner and I could get a lot of use out of this," she says.

Dana is a vegetarian; her only worry is that her lifestyle will quickly wear out the device.

"Small components could break off," she says. "You get a tough veggie after use and time, it could weaken it and it could just snap."

Despite that fear, Dana enjoys the product overall. She gives the Rotato Express one thumb up.


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