Try It Before You Buy It: Steam Buddy

ATLANTA -- "Laundry never stops, especially in the summer when you add in the beach and pool towels and everything," says Christy David, an active wife and mom.

And laundry becomes even more overwhelming when Christy adds ironing to the mix. She has turned the process into a science.

"I'm a professional ironer," she says.

Christy uses starch to make sure everything is perfect. She also owns a steamer, but isn't fond of it, saying it doesn't work as well as her iron.

Still, she is willing to try the Steam Buddy, which promises to be "the fastest, easiest way to remove wrinkles from all your clothes, guaranteed."

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Christy uses the Steam Buddy on a shirt. It takes a lot longer than her iron.

"It would take me all day," she says.

Not only can Christy not use the steamer on her everyday clothes, but she doesn't think she can replace her current steamer with it either.

"Sometimes I use my steamer for my tablecloth, but this would not work," she says.

Still, she acknowledges the product might be good for someone who only has one item that needs wrinkles removed.

"One thing, for someone who doesn't have a lot of people depending on them, would be fine," she says.

But Christy is not switching from her iron. That's why she gives the Steam Buddy a mixed review.


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