Try It Before You Buy It: Stone Wave

ATLANTA -- Cooking can take up a lot of time, which is why more and more people are looking for easy alternatives.

Stone Wave is a ceramic cooker than claims it can help prepare a variety of meals in a microwave.

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Elizabeth Piper is interested in trying the Stone Wave.

First, she tries to make poached eggs. "I like poaching eggs," she says.

But the process is time consuming. "You have to watch it the whole time," Elizabeth says.

Poaching eggs in the Stone Wave only takes a minute, but they don't turn out very well.

"That's overcooked," Elizabeth says while examining her eggs.

She then decides to make apple crisp. She microwaves apples in the Stone Wave, then drains the water. After that, she adds sugar, cinnamon, butter and bread crumbs, and microwaves the dish again.

Unfortunately, Elizabeth's son is not impressed with the final result.

"It tastes like a shriveled up apple with a little bit of sugar on it," he says.

So Elizabeth makes it again, this time leaving the water in the dish. The apple crisp tastes better, but not perfect.

Overall, the microwave cooker has some flaws, but the Pipers refuse to give up on it.

"I think you need more time playing with it to see if you get the time right and get used to your microwave," Elizabeth says.

She and her son give the Stone Wave one thumb up and one thumb down.


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