Try It Before You Buy It: Sunny Side Out

ATLANTA -- For some recipes, separating egg yolk from whites is important. However, the traditional way of separating isn't ideal, as it can be messy.

Angie Ballenger demonstrates.

"Break, and then you kind of do this back and forth, hoping you don't crack the yolk," she says.

That's why Angie is willing to try a product called the Sunny Side Out Egg Separator.

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The product offers an alternate way of separating an egg. To use it, Angie squeezes its end, places it over the egg and release the pump.

Unfortunately, her first attempt is not successful.

"We went straight down on the egg and it popped it," she says. "It wouldn't really suck the eggs up."

Angie re-watches the tutorial video and is ready to try again. This time, it works.

She compares Sunny Side Out to her strainer-style separator, which takes a little more time to use. It's also messier.

"It worked like a charm," she says of her second attempt to use the product.

Angie was hesitant at first, but she likes the device overall.

"I had to see it to believe it," she admits.

In the end, Angie gives Sunny Side Out two thumbs up.


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