No excuse not to have child secured in safety seat

ATLANTA -- The damage to the SUV that hit a median wall on I85/75 suffered minor damage. It is an example that it doesn't take much to put a child's life in danger. A three year old girl was tossed through the window of the SUV and dropped 20-feet to the pavement on the other side of the median wall. Her car seat was still in the vehicle.

Georgia State Patrol investigators are inspecting the child safety seat to find out if it was safe, or if the child was properly secured in it. "Preliminary investigation indicates that the child was in a child seat but the seat did not leave the vehicle, the child did leave the vehicle and was ejected," said Cpl. Bernard Bradshaw.

It's an accident that should never happen. The State of Georgia has more than 200 child safety seat inspection stations. In the City of Atlanta every fire station is a child safety seat inspection station. Every Atlanta firefighter has to take a week long course to be certified.

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For most first time users of car seats it can be complicated making sure they are installed properly. "You can stand to the side, we can show you exactly what we're doing," said Fire Station 29 Firefighter Mantevius Jackson. "We can do whatever needs to be done regardless of the car seat or the make or model."

And the state makes it possible for everyone who needs one to get one. "The city of Atlanta has a program for when individuals come by that cannot afford a car seat," Jackson said. "We have a program that we direct them to that will provide a car seat for them."

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