Videos give more context to Peachtree City officer-involved shooting

Three videos shed new light on fatal officer-involved shooting

Warning: This story contains videos that may contain graphic language. Viewer discretion is advised

Authorities are now releasing the dash camera footage from a fatal officer-involved shooting in Peachtree City on Wednesday.

Police said the suspect, 67-year-old William Dean, was armed with a shotgun in the driveway and shot at officers upon their arrival. An officer returned a single shot that killed the suspect. No officers were injured.

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Three different dash cameras released to the public show different perspectives of the incident - though none show the actual shooting of the suspect directly.

Video 1

One video shows a teen and a woman speaking to a Peachtree City officer when the officer looks to his left and begins to back away.

"He's got a rifle. He's got a rifle," an officer says in the video - though it's unclear which one.

The officer who just backed off the left side of the dash video then tells the woman and young man to get out of the way before restating that the suspect has a rifle.

"Get back! Put that rifle down," the officer then yells. 

He continues to shout at the man not seen on camera commanding him to put the rifle down. Over a minute passes with the officer continuing to order the man disarm before a shot is fired from the right side of the dash camera.

"Shots fired, shots fired," the officer says.

Two more shots are fired and a woman can be heard crying off the screen.

"He's down, he's down, he's down," the officer says as another policeman comes in from the right side of the screen.

Video 2

Another video shows two armed officers approaching from further down from the cul-de-sac before shots were fired. Gunfire can soon be heard in the distance and the two officers drop for cover behind a patrol car. An officer carrying a rifle can then be seen returning fire.

The officers then begin running forward asking the officer closer to the scene if the suspect is down.

Video 3

A third video shows very little of the actual scene but officer chatter does give more context.  Officer radio traffic describes the situation explaining that the suspect has his rifle pointed at them. 

"I can't get a shot on him," the officer said.

A 911 dispatcher puts out a call to hold all emergency traffic just moments before the gunfire begins.

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