Raise Your Voice: Preacher's epic pothole

It's was a bumpy ride to hear Bishop Samie Conyers preach. Members of his congregation had to navigate an obstacle course of potholes along International Park Drive. The biggest one sat just in front of the Calvary New Life Tabernacle church.

"That's about 10 feet long and six feet wide. I'm standing in the middle of it. Look! Something needs to be done about it. Help us out!" Conyers raised his voice about the epic pothole.

11Alive's Julie Wolfe and Devin Fehley watched as cars drove on the wrong side of the road to avoid the crater. Those that couldn't avoid it, felt it.

"We try to go through it softly, " Conyers said. "But it knocks the balance off on cars."

His was just the first voice on potholes in DeKalb County.

Merle Griffin pointed to potholes. "It creates a bumpy ride. It's not comfortable," Merle Griffin said.

"We have called them seven or eight times a year, and they keep giving us promised they're going to come out, but nothing's happened," Michael Stearns told 11Alive.

We mapped out your potholes reports in DeKalb County so we can track progress. Click here to report a pothole in your area.

Use our interactive map to track pothole progress:

RED potholes reported by viewers & 11Alive crews
YELLOW projects or plans are underway to fix the problem
GREEN pothole has been fixed

DeKalb County spokesman Burke Brennan told 11Alive they're aware of the pothole problems, but budget constraints are a big bump in the road. The county spent $9 million to maintain its more than 2,500 miles of road, so about $4,000 a mile. That might sound like a lot until you compare it to other nearby counties. Cobb County spent $23.4 million. That's $9,360 for every mile in the county.

"We have 400 miles of road that need to be resurfaced in DeKalb County. We have a lot of potholes. And we're going to get to as many of them as we can," Brennan said. He added the Bishop Conyer's pothole to the list after 11Alive brought it to his attention. He said it was on the schedule to be paved by the end of the week.

By Thursday morning, Bishop Conyers was celebrating. The epic pothole was no more. The several smaller potholes nearby were also patched.

"We thank you, but we will raise our voice, and we'll work together as a team," he said.

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