Reality Show Venture Draws Skepticism from Charity

ATLANTA -- Hosea Feed the Hungry is one of Atlanta's most well known charities. But now, its name, likeness and even videos are on a website they say they want nothing to do with.

Executive Director Elisabeth Omilami recently heard about Dare Me 4 Charity from one of her staff members at Hosea Feed the Hungry. "It had a whole video on us, and it says 'jump for this charity for $15,' I just went nuts," Omilami said.

The website asks participants in a series of events nationwide to form teams that will jump off a platform and land on an airbag to raise money for their favorite charities. Producers hope to eventually produce a reality show from events in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston and several other U.S. States.

The company had sold tickets to an Atlanta event scheduled for August 22nd but cancelled the program due to slow ticket sales.

Omilami said she has had no contact with the company and they have not sent her any donations that may have been received on behalf of Hosea Feed the Hungry. "We don't even know how to contact them to tell them to take it down," she said. "My lawyer doesn't even know," she said.

I was able to reach the organization's Executive Producer, Aspen Decker, on Facebook and Twitter. In a telephone conversation, Decker said Dare Me 4 Charity is a new, for profit, venture with a charitable component and that prior events in other cities have raised from $200 to $500 per charity.

Decker said he planned to produce a pilot reality show to air this fall, but he said the Atlanta event scheduled for yesterday and some other cities have been cancelled due to low ticket sales and high liability insurance rates.

He said all ticket money sold would be refunded and added no donations had been received on behalf of Hosea Feed the Hungry.

He acknowleged that Dare Me 4 Charity has faced skepticism from the public and in some online forums. "We didn't expect to face so much skepticism, but we do appreciate the 90 percent who are in our corner."

Decker said he would take the Hosea Feed the Hungry information off his website if Omilami requests it.


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