Robin Williams' death sparks posts about depression

ATLANTA -- On the outside, Lesley Daunt lives a sunny, happy life.

"Everything I've ever wanted to be, in a way I feel like I am," she said.

She's a singer, married, loves her son and has a writing career.

"But what goes on in my brain is completely different," she said.

Clouds of depression take over. It's something she wrote about on her Facebook page in the shadow of Robin Wiliams' suicide. It was a confessional post, explaining that she can relate to the darkness of suicide.

Daunt chose to talk about it.

Grow Counseling's Wendy Dickinson says most are not.

"The rates of depression are similar to the rates of seasonal allergies but we hear people talking about allergies all the time. We don't hear people talking about depression which tells us that it is invisible and people feel that they have to keep it inside," Dickinson said.

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However just talking about it can decrease it, even talk in your own social media stream about Robin Williams.

"It gives people the opportunity to say what they really want to say which is 'Hey i'm struggling with this, and I want to let you know and I want to talk about it, can you help me,'" Dickinson said.

Daunt helped more than herself when she discovered dozens of comments, as confessional as her own.

"It's also really opened my eyes to my friends and their suffering of depression," Daunt said.


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