Judge pushes forward quickly in Ross Harris jury selection

First week of jury selection concludes in Ross Harris Trial

Judge Mary Staley Clark seems determined to get this jury selection finished in two weeks for the upcoming Ross Harris trial.

11Alive is now learning the judge has as many as 50 potential jurors to choose from - with big progress on Friday getting through a new batch of 12 and 6 potential jurors added to the pool.

A number of potential jurors in the second group have recent experience transporting children in car seats because they're grandparents now.

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Several also said they've heard about cases like Ross Harris's in the media.

"The reports: there seems to be a rash of them in the last 3 or 4 years where people have left kids in cars and they died," one potential juror said. "And I've seen news reports, of course on TV, and I've seen articles on the internet."

The juror confirmed she had become aware of the perceived rise in the last few years.

"Yes, that's when I really noticed it in the last few years," the potential juror said. "Of course, after I had grandchildren they've been in the car with me. I've been a lot more aware of that kind of stuff."

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A young mother in th egroup said she can't related to the idea that anyone leaves a child in a car.

"You know, I would lookup about it because it's kind of hard for me to understand - being a mom," she said.

Potential juror 30 is married to a retired law enforcement officer and made no bones about the fact that she believes officers - all officers - no matter what.

"I believe whatever a law enforcement officer says," she said. "I have that much respect for them. I just don't think a law enforcement officer would present false information."

A new batch of 36 jurors is due at the courthouse on Monday morning. That's when the process we've watched this week begins again.

The judge now wants a pool of anywhere from 42 to 50 ahead of peremptory strikes of the defense and prosecution.

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