Video shows MARTA bus fatally strike woman

ATLANTA -- It's been nearly two weeks since a woman was struck and killed by a MARTA bus in southwest Atlanta. Monday night, 11Alive took a look at the surveillance video captured by the cameras from a nearby popular wing spot and discovered why the victim's family is pushing for change so something like this never happens again.

"I haven't been sleeping that good because I felt like, God that could have been me," said Kai Harris.

Instead, it would be 19-year-old Brenda Travis, whose life was taken when her petite frame would be no match for the 18-ton MARTA bus seen in the surveillance video obtained by 11Alive News.

Kai Harris was, perhaps, the last person to make eye contact with Travis.

"I was coming from the opposite side - we were kind of coming in passing. by the time I made it to my car - I heard a loud sound and when I turned around, I saw the young lady drop to the ground and I immediately turned around, and said, 'Oh my God, somebody just got hit,'" said Harris.

In a close examination of the video, Travis can be seen crossing the busy intersection of Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard at Lee Street.

The bus driver, Leroy Brown, told police he sounded his horn but she was distracted, on her cell phone wearing headsets and looking down.

But according to the police report, Brown was traveling at a speed that he should have been able to slow down to keep from striking her.

"I think that the bus was going too fast," said Harris.

Harris said motorists speed through the intersection all the time.

"They come through here like it's the Indy 500 and it's not," she said.

"She is my only child and I just want the truth," said Ilada Travis, the victim's mom.

"It's been a roller coaster for me for the day couple days," said Travis. "I've been robbed. I don't have a child anymore - I won't be a grandparent anymore."

"We just want the truth to come out," said the mom.

The family attorney, Justin D. Miller, said the video is proof many other MARTA bus drivers are traveling too fast and, in this instance, recklessly through congested areas.

Miller wants all MARTA drivers to drive safely and be held accountable when they don't.

"On the video - it's pretty clear that the bus driver was probably not driving with the care that he should have been driving with," said Miller.

The bus driver, Leroy Brown, is charged with failure to yield to a pedestrian and 2nd degree homicide by vehicle.

MARTA told 11Alive News they have turned the investigation over to Atlanta police. They offered their condolences to the victims' family.

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