Truck noise overwhelms DeKalb homeowners

ELLENWOOD, Ga. -- Imagine waking up to the roar of huge trucks barreling past your house six days a week.

That's what's happening to Bruce Wiggs, and he's had enough.

Wiggs "raised his voice" to 11Alive to see if anything could be done to find alternate route and reduce the deafening noise along Flakesmill Road that he hears from early morning to late at night as the trucks travel to and from the Seminole Landfill.

"On a normal day, sometimes from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., we have to deal with these trucks coming through," Wiggs said.

After years of trying to get some relief from DeKalb County, Wiggs almost gave up.

"I have talked to several officials with DeKalb County about this and that is why I contacted you guys, because all I was getting was the runaround," Wiggs said.

We went right to DeKalb County to get answers and we found a county ordinance written almost 40 years ago designating county truck routes to the landfill, and listing Flakesmill Road as one of them.

But in those 40 years, Wiggs said the road has been widened, more homes have been built and truck traffic has greatly increased.

We made it clear to the county that there are other routes in and out of the landfill, but they've never been tapped as alternates.

The county responded and action is underway.

"Over the years the demographics change and traffic patterns change, roads change, such that we have committed to forward this to our traffic engineering department. We will let the engineers come out and get updated statistics on this area so we can see if there is another viable route and if so, maybe making an alternative route," said Burke Brennan, Press Secretary for DeKalb County Government.

"At this point, that is all I can ask. At least they will look into some other options as far as these trucks using the roadways here," Wiggs said.

Wiggs is hoping big truck traffic will ease using alternate routes.

"I really appreciate you guys giving me the chance to raise my voice," Wiggs said.

It's a voice that DeKalb County certainly heard. The county says it will have its traffic study and completed within three months. We will keep a close eye on it and report the results as soon as they are released.


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