Commuter Dude: Crosswalk concerns in Tucker

TUCKER, Ga. -- The group Smart Growth America recently ranks Georgia as one of the worst for pedestrians. It's with that in mind that a shop owner in Tucker complained that many drivers are ignoring the pedestrian crosswalks there.

Elexa Bancroft contacted Commuter Dude, who is looking for ways to make that situation safer.

Bancroft said she's pleased with the growth along Main Street in Tucker.

"In just the last twelve months, three new businesses have opened in just this block," she said.

Step by step, the area blossoms with charm. But trying to take a step across a marked pedestrian crosswalk can prove difficult and dangerous.

"I see a lot of people all the time just waiting and waiting," Bancroft said. "I run a summer camp and we cross the street almost daily with our students, and there will be a group of children and we're waiting and waiting."

On a day with light traffic, Commuter Dude saw just what she was talking about.

Two spots on Main Street have white lines across the asphalt and a yellow sign beside the road reminding drivers that they have to stop for pedestrians in the crosswalk. Many comply, but for many others, it's just not enough.

Elexa believes Dekalb County needs to do more, perhaps placing warning signs in the middle of the street. The group PEDS say they've worked in other areas.

DeKalb County officials said their experience with those small signs is that cars often run over them. They have notified the police department to do some enforcement.

Commuter Dude also notified The Tucker Community Improvement District. They tell us they're going to include this in their pedestrian safety improvement plan which is now underway.


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