Two arrests made in deadly Walmart hit-and-run

Two charged with murder at Walmart

NEWTON COUNTY, Ga. -- Police have arrested two suspects accused of running over and killing a woman in a Covington Walmart parking lot.

Authorities confirmed the arrests of Brandon Smith, 27, of West Virginia, and Stephanie Rodriguez, 37, of New Mexico. The suspects were taken into custody Saturday afternoon in Manchester, Tennessee and have been charged with Felony Murder. 

Both Smith and Rodriguez were wanted for killing 65-year-old Marsha Penn Jonson after Smith allegedly backed his car over her when she refused to give up her purse on the night of November 16.

" She knows how I loved her. She knows how I loved her," said Johnson's niece Debra Ray. 

Ray says she takes some comfort knowing the couple accused of murdering her aunt is behind bars. 

"This is a sick world we live in today, and these people need to be taken off the streets," she said. 

For Debra, the past 5 days have been torture... knowing the people who brutally killed her aunt were still out there. 

"My heart is broken. I"ve watched the videos. I can't tell you how many times a day I have watched the videos," she said. 

But it's those videos that may have helped catch Brandon Smith and Stephanie Rodriguez. 

The two are accused of snatching purses from elderly women from Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. 

In Virginia, police say they kidnapped a woman before stealing her car - the same one seen in this survalliance video.

"They're pathetic. Going around robbing a few elderly women for just a bucks that they have left. They're cowards," said Johnson's 16 year old grandson, Cain. 

Cain was living with her when she was killed and says he can't believe she's gone. 

"The anger I feel can't be described in words. It's horrible<" he said. 

Cain and Debra can't imagine how someone could be so vicious. They can't imagine why. 

I'm sad to say that today, I can't say that I have forgiven you. Because I haven't. He took somebody precious from us. But I know that day will come for me," said Debra, 

According to Covington Police, Smith and Rodriguez could be responsible for up to 10 violent purse thefts and made a living off of stealing purses. When the two were arrested, a gun was found inside the car. 

Police are not releasing pictures of either suspect because both are wanted for other crimes. 

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