Victim of fugitive banker reacts to his plea

ATLANTA, Ga -- More than one hundred people lost their life-long dreams because of the actions of Aubrey Lee Price. The government said Price obtained $41 million dollars from investors and threw it away on a failed bank and risky investments.

The pain he cause to those investors is too much to measure. Wendy Cross, of Atlanta, was one of those investors and summed it up in a simple way. "Try to imagine that you've worked for 30-years and you put almost every single penny away and you wake up one morning to realize that it's all wiped away," she said.

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That is why Cross said she will never forget what Price did to her. Cross owns the WOW food truck that has become an Atlanta foodie favorite. "I'm basically 50-years old and starting over," she said. "It's really scary."

Cross said Price's plea is a way for him to get a lesser sentence. Under the agreement he could be sentenced to up to 30 years in prison. "I hope he gets every single day of that quite honestly," she said.

Price agreed to a restitution plan in the plea agreement which totals $50-million dollars, which Cross finds funny. "It is laughable," she said. "You might as well have said a hundred-gabillion, gazillion, it doesn't matter."

She said she has too much animosity toward Price to measure. But she does have an idea on how to get bilked investors some of their money back. She said she would like to produce a movie based on this story and have some of the proceeds go to the investors who lost money.

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