'Walking Dead' builds a wall around a neighborhood in Senoia, GA

SENOIA, Ga. -- Zombie Apocalypse? No problem for a neighborhood in Senoia, where 'The Walking Dead' films. The City Council just okayed a 15-foot wall to surround a neighborhood there for the upcoming season. 11Alive's Kaitlyn Ross got a sneak peak of construction.

"We are doing a walker stalker day," said two fans in Senoia.

There's not a wall tall enough to keep out die-hard "Walking Dead"fans.

"We ran in to some people from New York who are down here just for walker stalking," they said.

But now, they might be stuck. The sturdy 15-foot wall will surround an entire neighborhood in Senoia. People living behind it say what happens behind the wall stays behind the wall, and they can't talk about it to anyone -- but that doesn't stop fans from asking!

"They're being very secretive, so we don't know, we just see a wall," they said.

City Council and the Mayor approved the build... the wall will be up from September through November for the 2015 season.

"It's a huge spoiler, now I know there's a giant wall in the next season of the 'Walking Dead,'" said another fan.

Some people on the other side of town wish they could relocate behind Walking Dead Lines.

"Of course I would, that way I could just sit outside and watch everything go on," he said.

Production crews say it will take another three weeks to build the wall, but would not say just how much the project will cost.


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