Lower Visibility in Georgia today due to Saharan Dust

Did you notice the haze in the sky Tuesday? This haze was different from the normal smog that we usually have. What you were seeing today was dust that traveled across the Atlantic from Africa. It's called the Saharan Air Layer. Believe it or not, dust and minerals from the Sahara Desert in Africa get caught up in low level winds and can travel across the Atlantic. The dust has managed to move into the Gulf of Mexico and surge northward into the southeast. We will continue to see some of this dust early Wednesday, then disappear later Wednesday.

Here's a look at an enhanced satellite picture that shows the concentration of Saharan dust as it leaves Africa and moves across the Atlantic.

Here is another image that shows the concentration of dust over the Atlantic and into the southeastern United States. This was from the afternoon hours on Tuesday.

Here is the forecast map showing the dust layer still with us Wednesday, but at lower concentrations throughout the day.

The dust layer is forecast to disappear later in the day Wednesday as cleaner air rotates around Tropical Storm Arthur.


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