Anonymous threatens police in Ferguson, Mo.

(WXIA) – The hacker collective Anonymous says they have been able to glean the name of the police officer involved in the shooting death of 17-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO over the weekend.

The group said Wednesday in a tweet that they waiting until they could confirm the name before releasing it publically.

"We have the name of the shooter," the group tweeted under the Twitter name "Operation Ferguson." "We just can't verify. We need to either talk to witnesses or get a second leak source."

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Ferguson Police Department Police Chief Tom Jackson reiterated in a Wednesday news conference that the department would not release the name of the officer involved in the shooting. Ferguson officials said Tuesday that the name was not being released due to threats made against that officer, and out of an abundance of safety.

Brown was shot to death by a police officer while walking with a friend from a convenience store in Ferguson, a predominantly black St. Louis suburb. The police force is made up of mostly white officers. The shooting has spawned days of protests in the suburb, with some protests leading to violence and looting.

On Sunday, the collective posted a YouTube video demanding that Missouri's federal legislators draft legislation they've entitled "Mike Brown's Law," that would "set strict national standards for police conduct."

The video was similar to previous Anonymous videos, with a computer synthesized voice giving the terms and demands of the collective. On Wednesday, Anonymous released what they claimed to be audio tapes of dispatchers' radio traffic over a more than six hour period surrounding the time of the Ferguson shooting.

Officials have not commented or verified the authenticity of the radio traffic recording.

Wednesday evening, police used tear gas to disperse crowds in Ferguson after rocks, bottles and Molotov cocktails were allegedly thrown at officers. Protesters and reporters alike were forced to take cover from concussion grenades and tear gas.

According to KSDK, two reporters -- one from the Washington Post and another from the Huffington Post -- were arrested Wednesday evening. The reporters were detained briefly before being released. A camera crew from Al Jazeera America was forced to flee after a tear gas canister landed near their video position.


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