Can you solve the math problem that's stumping the world?

KUSA - It's not the color of a dress or a cat going up or down the stairs that is causing much frustration on social media. This time, it's math.

The perplexing question was intended for students in Singapore, but went viral after Kenneth Kong, a TV host, posted it on his Facebook page.

The question involves two men trying to figure out their friend Cheryl's birthday based on some clues.

Many people across social media have tried to solve the problem and even gave it it's own hash tag: #cherylsbirthday.

So, can you solve the math problem that's causing chaos all over?

You can also find a link to the problem here:

People were so frustrated with the question, the organization that originally asked the question, the Singapore and Asian School Math Olympiads, posted the solution on their Facebook page.

We won't show it here. But, if you must know, here is the link:

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