Cobb County neighbors help ambulance in ice storm

MARIETTA, Ga. -- Some Cobb County residents say they are amazed at the huge reaction they've been receiving from all over the world after they helped free an ambulance from the ice last week.

The ambulance was on a call, transporting a woman in a medical emergency, and could not get up the slippery hill -- until people who live nearby jumped in to help.

Residents of the Rosemont City View Apartments in Marietta did everything they could to free the ambulance.

"Everybody just started scraping the ground, clearing all the ice, pushing the ambulance," said one resident who helped, Sergio Ruelas.

It took nearly 90 minutes before the ambulance had enough traction to get up the hill with the woman inside who neededto get to the hospital.

Dean Puthoff, his wife Kayla Feltz-Puthoff, and their neighbor Sergio Ruelas, say they and the others used all the salt and kitty-litter they could find. When that ran out, they pushed the ambulance, and they used windshield ice scrapers on the asphalt in front of the ambulance. They praise the ambulance driver for talking them through this unexpected emergency on the ice.

"One of the most inspirational things that he said was, we're not stuck yet let's keep going," Feltz-Puthoff said. "And we'd go four feet, five feet, at a time. And just not give up until we got him out of there."

Video of the incident has gone viral.

"It's kind of amazing that this as blown up this big," Dean Puthoff said. "You dowhat any community should do."

The ambulance company management has been trying to identify and reach everyone involved to say thank you. The woman in the ambulance reportedly made it to the hospital that day and is just fine.


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