Police: Mother tosses baby from car to get father's attention

(KTVE) A Louisiana woman is being charged with attempted murder after deputies say she flung her baby out of a moving car.

The Franklin Parish Sheriff's Office was dispatched to Franklin Medical Center in Winnsboro Sunday to investigate after the baby arrived with severe injuries.

Deputies interviewing the child's mother quickly became alarmed about the facts of the case.

"It was finally determined that this was more than an accident. This was an intentional act," said Franklin Parish Sheriff, Kevin Cobb.

The intent, according to Sheriff Cobb, was to get a reaction from the father.

The mother of the child, who has been identified as 23-year-old Lasasha Allen, of Winnsboro, was brought to the Sheriff's Office where further investigation revealed the true intent of the injuries.

According to Sheriff's investigators, Allen had made contact with the father of the child on Saturday, June 21, and had told the father that the child had fallen out of a car window while riding in the Monroe area and had been injured. The intent, according to Sheriff Cobb, was to get a reaction from the father.

"The next day when she got no response, she made the determination to make this come true," he said.

Cobb stated that when that attempt failed, on the following day, Sunday, June 22, Allen staged an event in which she placed the 20-month old in the passenger seat, accompanied by another 7-year-old child who was placed in the back seat and drove to a rural location with an extremely curved roadway.

According to the investigation, Allen then drove at a speed of up to 45 miles an hour, reached over and opened the door and intentionally causing the younger child to be shoved out.

Allen stated that her intent was to inflict minor damage so that she would not be caught in a lie with the child's father. She then waited for a period of time and took the injured child to the Medical Center.

"She was having stories that just weren't adding up and did not make sense," Cobb said. "She arranged it, bascially staging this event to where it would look like an accident."

Cobb said that the injuries suffered by the child were very serious and the child was airlifted to a Shreveport medical facility for treatment. He stated that according to information received today from the medical facility the child is in stable condition pending surgery.

"One thing is certain," Cobb said. "The child is in a safer place today than in the hands of the mother. Justice can't move quickly enough in this."

Allen has been charged with attempted second degree murder and is in custody at the Franklin Parish Detention Center. Bond has been set at $750,000.

"My hope is once this is admitted to the district attorney, that justice moves quickly," said Cobb.

In addition to the injured child, Cobb said she has five other children who have been placed in the custody of Child Services.

"This was a horrendous act, one that is beyond explanation, Sheriff Cobb said. "I hope that everyone will pray for that child and its siblings through this ordeal."


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