#VerifyVotes: What we know about the latest Clinton e-mail probe

FBI: New emails related to Clinton probe

As an election nears, a divided nation debates another political firestorm in the clash for the presidency.

Now, the FBI is investigating even more - possibly-classified - emails related to Hillary Clinton's private server.

With early voting already underway, voters want to verify the latest information that's coming out.

It was a brief letter to Congress from the Federal Bureau of Investigations director that has unleashed a ton of speculation and opinion.

Toss in some independent, investigative reporting based on unnamed sources and partisans on each side are snapping at each other with renewed fervor.

Here's what we know so far:

  • The FBI director sent a letter to congressional leaders saying agents had discovered additional emails related to the investigation into whether Clinton jeopardized national security by using a private email server.
  • NBC News is reporting those emails were on a computer used by Clinton's campaign co-chair Huma Abedin and her estranged husband Anthony Weiner.
  • The FBI found the e-mails while investigating whether Weiner was sexting with an underaged girl.

So, were there any classified emails on that computer? That's what the FBI wants to find out.

Donald Trump said this should lead to criminal charges against Clinton.

Clinton is calling on the FBI to tell the American people all - and now.

Emory University Political Science Professor Andra Gillespie questions whether this will have much impact on the election that is already underway.

"People already think that she's untrustworthy," Gillespie said. "People already think that the email issue is a problem."

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And where there are questions will naturally come speculation.

"It's important to realize that since there's a lot that we don't know about this, people will fill in the blanks themselves," Gillespie said. "And they're likely going to fill in the blanks based on what they already think about the candidates."

She said the FBI director has now proven that he can anger both Democrats and Republicans.

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