Voters wonder whether election craziness has taken a dangerous turn

Strange & dangerous twists of election season

Election signs stolen, a campaign office firebombed, and a local realtor offering to help you move to Canada. Is this election season bringing out the worst in people?

After all the twists and turns of this election, some voters are now wondering if the passion behind this election is taking a dangerous turn.

The damage was extensive in Hillsborough, N.C. where a republican party field office in a strip mall was firebombed and vandalized. Painted on a nearby wall from the ruined officer were the words “Nazi republicans. Leave town or else.”

Closer to home, Atlanta resident Chad Everding just wants everyone to play nice until Nov.8. Everding has had many signs stolen from his front yard and even caught video of a white truck driving over one of the signs.

"We've never been in politics like this and I didn't realize how emotional it can be,” he told 11Alive’s Neima Abdilahi. “My friends and I have had some difficult discussions."

While many say they're frustrated, some are trying to take advantage of the annoyance through some comic relief.

Michael Katz is a realtor in Atlanta and placed a sign in jest on the side of his van offering to help people find a home and move to Canada.

"People are crazy. They're saying if their candidate doesn’t win, they'll move to Canada and they're going to sell their home,” he said. “So I wanted to give people a chuckle on their drive to work or home."

Katz says the calls have started coming in, though he said some were pranks while others were not.

But with the way the election has gone so far and with less than a month left until the election, voters aren't sure what other twists, and possible dangerous turns, the election season may take.

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