Possible changes coming to dreaded Sandy Springs four way stop

SANDY SPRINGS- Changes may be just around the corner for commuters who are frustrated over a controversial four way stop.

Although he has left the Sandy Springs City Council and will have no say it what happens, Chip Collins has heard his share of complaints about the intersection of Johnson Ferry and Wright Road.

"Early on, a friend of mine sent me an email threatening to start the recall campaign against me based on this four way stop," said Collins. "I think he was kidding, but I'm still not sure."

Commuters aren't kidding when they vent about the quarter-mile backup at Johnson Ferry and Wright Road. It's frustration they expressed to us through emails and Facebook posts. Before he left the Sandy Springs City Council on January 1st, we passed those comments along to Chip Collins and others in city government.

"I'll bet I've got my own stack that's twice as big," said Collins.

The messages sent to 11Alive show the frustration from commuters caught in the backup, and the praise from neighbors who say it's now easier for them to enter Johnson Ferry Road.

Based on the comments sent our way, most favor a change. 79 % want change, while 21 % told us they want the four-way stop to stay.

"I think there's probably a compromise that satisfies the needs of everyone and I believe that compromise is going to be a signal," said Collins.

After a study of their own, Sandy Springs has hired an outside engineering firm to look at a possible change. That may be a traffic light or perhaps a roundabout.

"Unless the design company tells us the four way stop is the best possible alternative for everyone, I think we're going to have a change," said Collins.

A spokesperson for Sandy Springs said a decision should come in the next few weeks.


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