Sydney great white shark video: Real or fake?

The footage is incredible: a man jumps into the Sydney Harbour and has a close encounter with a great white shark. But is it real?

The video, posted on June 11 by user Terry Tufferson, has already gotten almost 7 million views. It shows a man with a GoPro camera strapped to his head leap into the water. Seconds later, a great white shark swims towards the man. The shark gets right up to the man and then turns away.

More than 7,400 comments have been left on YouTube, many of them debating the authenticity of the video.

Watch it below (WARNING: contains some PG-13 language):

User Hector Mendoza wasn't buying it, saying, "I'm pretty good at identifying fake videos, and this people is fake, but still pretty well done."

Adrian Matos, however, thinks it's the real deal, "It's a good video. I wouldn't dare to dive in there. For me it's not fake. He knew sharks were there. He did it on purpose to record the video. He didn't even shout shark, the shark were peaceful and not afraid, he quickly knew where he was going; like he had it all planed and when he got out of the water his expression was like "I made it!", like he was achieving something. For me he did it on porpoise or Why he would put a camera to record a boring place? "

Upon multiple viewings, Dakoteus' opinion changed, ""SHARK!" points to the opposite direction of the shark. Ok. Not only that plus the shark was coming from the bottom up, you couldn't see that far down into the water from there, not with the sun. Good fake though but not good enough for 6 million people watching it lol. It got me the first time I watched it "

For user Brendan, it didn't matter. He's not going into the water: "Whether or not this is fake this is why I don't go in the ocean. "

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