VIDEO: Driver plows into men at Houston gas station

HOUSTON -- The surveillance cameras were rolling when a driver hit two men and kept going at a Houston gas station.

"When I turned around it was a lady coming full speed to take us out," said Marcus Chukuwuu, one of the men who was hit. "She took off. (She) hit us both and just kept going."

Chukuwuu told Houston's NBC affiliate KPRCthat he and his boss stopped at the gas station to fill up after work. They were standing at one pump when a female driver tried backing into the space next to them. The video shows she came close to men, and they said they thought she was going to hit them. So one of the men told her to be careful.

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The woman was mad, Chukuwuu said, and her comment scared him. So the 21-year-old walked away and went inside the store to get some change. He came out less than one minute later and that's when the two men were hit. "He was like, 'Don't kill me.' And she was like, 'If I wanted to kill you I'd shoot you, I won't run you over,'" Chukuwuu said.

"I walked across to give him the change and that's when she just ran both of us over," Chukuwuu said.

The driver didn't stop and police are now looking for her.They said she's driving a silver or gray, older model Buick, with a broken-out back driver's side window. It appears from the surveillance video she may have had a passenger in the front seat with her.

Chukuwuu and his boss were both taken to the hospital with cuts and bruises. They're going to be OK but are hoping police find the driver so she can face charges.


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