Woman finds snake in dishwasher

A local woman got a big surprise while doing the dishes.

SALISBURY, N.C. -- Can you imagine doing the dishes and discovering a snake in the dishwasher?

Well, that's the shocking surprise a Salisbury woman discovered at her home when a snake slithered up the cabinet and into the dish rack. The woman declined to speak about the incident, but provided pictures of the snake peeking out near her dishwasher.

As the weather starts to change there may be an increase in snake sightings, according to Allen Eckman, owner of A-1 Wildlife Control,

In the past few days, he's seen two snakes in the garage and one in the house.

"This year with the change in weather, we've had lots more calls," said Eckman.

Eckman said snakes commonly get into homes by going through the wiring system of an AC unit.

And it it can happen to anyone. Eckman said a black snake recently came into his home through his dryer's wiring system.

"Never thought the guy from A-1 animal control would be a victim of the job he does," said Eckman.

There's been no shortage of snake sightings this summer in the Carolinas.

The Lancaster County Sheriff's Office had an encounter with a large black snake when it crawled into the IT office. In Matthews, a woman witnessed two snakes fighting feet from her home. There was also an incident at the Lowe's in Denver; a venomous Copperhead snake attacked an employee in the garden section.  He was in the hospital for days.


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