Passenger fights for refund on Delta Low Fare Guarantee

ATLANTA -- As you comparison shop for the best airfares, if you come across a "Best Fare Guarantee," make sure you know all the rules and you get what you are entitled to get.

Book on and the guarantee says the airline will match a competing website fare or give you your money back.

For Connie Zessack it didn't quite work that way.

She booked on Delta, found a lower fare on Expedia. But because one leg was on Air France she could not get the deal.

That was in the fine print. So she went to the next step. "According to the 'Best Fare Guarantee' on the website, I could cancel it and get my money back," she said.

And Zessack did just that. But she got back en email saying she had a non-refundable ticket and couldn't get a refund.

In a prepared statement, Delta said: "We take great strides to ensure the information about our Best Fare Guarantee and 24 hour risk free cancellation policies are accurate and clear."

That meant Zessack should have gotten her money back. "I called corporate offices and asked to speak to someone. He told me I was indeed correct. It was refundable," she added.

For Zessack, it ended as a win-win.

She got a refund as the guarantee promised and even got travel coupons to make up for extra money she paid Expedia when she booked her ticket


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