Atlanta Running Guru Remembers Munich Moments

1:53 PM, Aug 6, 2012   |    comments
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Atlantan Jeff Galloway still has his official Olympic blazer from 1972.

ATLANTA, Ga. - - During the 1972 Olympics, 10,000 meter participant Jeff Galloway traded pins with an Israeli athlete in the Olympic village.  To this day, he's not sure if that athlete lived to see the end of the Munich games.

Galloway, winner of the first Peachtree in 1970, knows his Olympic history.  He told 11 Alive the warring Greek city-states used to declare a truce during the competition.  The murder of eleven members of the Israeli delegation by Palestinian guerrillas was, in his mind, the modern day equivalent of violating a truce.

"The Olympics bring out the best, the average person is inspired to do his best when watching the Olympic games." Galloway currently does just that with his "Running Until You're 100" training methods outlined in a book by the same name. 

He still has the official team blazer worn by the American athletes, and it still fits.  He also still has the memories of how the massacre changed the way he and other athletes, then and now, have to be aware of the real world infringing upon their competitive nirvana. 

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