BLOG: If You Don't Love Me, Lie To Me

Crash Clark and Kaitlyn Ross are beginner runners training for their first AJC Peachtree Roadrace.

Bon Jovi has a song lyric that says "If you don't love me, lie to me," and the reason that comes to mind after our run yesterday with the ladies at West Stride is because I thought they loved us. So why did they lie to us?

It's hard to believe we're just a few weeks before the 2014 AJC Peachtree Road Race and fellow reporter Kaitlyn Ross and I are within sniffing distance of the completion of the In-Training program that's taken us from novice runners to slightly less novicer...I know that's not a word but it makes me giggle and pretty much describes us.

When we started the training we didn't quite know what to expect, maybe some slow paced jogging and a few lessons learned along the way. Actually we've progressed from a 3 mile run, to 3.5, 4.0, 4.5 and so on and we learned a lot more like; preparation, strategy, health tips, avoiding injuries, dynamic stretching, my personal favorite and so much more. I never knew there was this much involved with being a competitive runner, including my use of Body Glide and nip guards. (Actual products) Just this past week I discovered I had very tight calf muscles, sexy too apparently and that was the reason my shins felt sore after a longer run so Genie one of our trainers showed me the proper technique to massage them and loosen up the muscle to avoid tearing anything.

But above all the knowledge we've gained and all the support from everyone there we've made new friends, people from the Atlanta Track Club and Weststride in Buckhead who actually care not only about our progression through the program but our lives as well. This all brings me back to my opening remarks the quote from a Bon Jovi song; "if you don't love me, lie to me."

Last Tuesday we we're scheduled for a five and half mile run, the furthest Kaitlyn and I have traveled since the start. While we were both frightened at the distance we were fairly confident we could achieve our goal, after all we did five miles of speed training the week before. We embarked on our run heading in the usual direction taking us in and around the neighborhoods off West Paces Ferry, this time we had a nice water break at the halfway point, we even conquered a hill that makes heartbreak hill on the Peachtree route look like a speed bump, we were on fire. In fact you could say we had the Eye of the Tiger which is what I suggested we sing for inspiration but as Kaitlyn belted out the 1982 version from Rocky III I went off script and sang the Katy Perry version which my wife later informed me is actually called, Roar.

But when all was said and done and we were trying desperately to catch our breath we were informed we didn't go five and a half miles we in fact just finished a six mile run. WHAT? They told us it would only be 5.5 miles and we go 6.0. Do they realize that's only two tenths of a mile from the actual Peachtree length? Why were we deceived, what would prompt them to just toss in that extra half mile the whole time we thought it was only a five and a half mile run? Remember how mad Yoda was when Luke left his Jedi training early to fight Vader, he wasn't ready and how on earth did they think we were ready for this, why I ask? Because they KNEW we could do it that's why and that little extra push brought us to the brink of the Peachtree.

Throw in a couple more weeks of training, the energy of the 4th of July and this AJC Peachtree Road Race thing no longer seems like a distant dream it's become a very up close reality. Now if you'll excuse me going to put on my Survivor album from 1982 and try to forget I ever starting singing Katy Perry.

And our Atlanta Track Club tip of the week: Safety is key! Wear bright colors and/or a reflective vest in the morning or evening to ensure cars can see you!


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