Top 10 moment's from Chris Conley's Star Wars fan video

ATHENS, Ga. -- Georgia wide receiver Chris Conley has received reviews for the Star Wars fan film he both wrote and directed. "Retribution" racked up over 207,000 views in just two days. The 25-minute movie takes place on the University of Georgia campus and is the story of fallen Jedi Khari Vion's return to Athens. Vion (played by Conley) is opposed by his former Master Croi and Croi's new pupil, Killian.

If you haven't watched it, stop reading right now and go catch the movie here.

WARNING -- Spoilers ahead.

The film has impressive visual digital graphics, especially the opening scene. The audio and sound effects are clever as well. Add some comic relief and some serious acting and we get:

The Top 10 scenes and/or features from "Retribution"

10. During the battle at the Tate Center, the adorable puppy is saved. Not sure why, but I was extremely nervous for the little guy. I wasn't worried about the innocent bystanders running for their lives, just the pooch.

9. The use of campus. I must say when I heard that Conley was filming on campus, my first thought was the use of the stadium or Park Hall might be hokey. Conley and his locations scouts showed some directorial savvy by using the contours of the campus to their advantage. Now Park Hall will forever be remembered as the spot that Master Croi was struck down and not where I was shot down by a sophomore coed.

8. The stunts. We have seen Conley make acrobatic catches in football games. His one-handed touchdown grab against Tennessee last year makes just about every college football montage. In "Retribution" we get to see Conley's skills as an action hero. While he may not be Jackie Chan, Conley is already better than Dwayne Johnson.

7. The ending. Well, it is not actually an ending of the movie but rather this portion of the overall film. This chapter, called "Darkness Falls," ends with a couple of captured Rebels being escorted in to see Khari Vion. I won't spoil that part for you but rather suggest you keep an eye out for an "Ain't Worried about Nothing" gesture from one of the prisoners.

6. When Khari Vion reveals himself to his former master. The eyes were a nice touch as those contacts Conley wears are amazing. I think a petition should be started asking him to wear them against Clemson. Can you imagine the look on the face of the opposing defensive back lined up across from freaky-eyed Conley?

5. Speaking of appearances, Vion also wears a mask to hide his disfigured face. What I saw was the equivalent of a high altitude mask. That is good news for Georgia fans since it means Conley has been putting in some extra pulmonary resistance and strengthening.

4. Epic swordplay. The stunts throughout the film were good but the swordplay was fantastic. Well-choreographed and meticulously executed, the lightsaber duel between Killian and Khari Vion was one of the most enjoyable parts of the film. The spins, kicks, thumps and disarming moves were well planned. It looked nothing like a couple fanboys whacking each other with sticks.

3. The opening credits made us laugh. Why is Khari Vion the most evil Jedi since the Emperor? We find out in the opening credits that he "has been exiled since the battle of Snelling in which he tried to kill his former master and force students to wear jean shorts." Yep, that psycho tried to force jorts on everyone.

2. The Mark Richt cameo. The largest firefight this side of Tatooine is taking place on campus. A serene looking Mark Richt is sitting on a bench, listening to the overture to the "Marriage of Figaro" on what appear to be Beats headphones, oblivious to everything going on around him while he looks at his iPad. Not sure what the symbolism is there, but rest assured Conley will be asked about that.

1. The Todd Gurley cameo. During the battle at the Tate Center, two stormtroopers wind up shooting Todd Gurley in the chest. He is unfazed ands just stares back at them in his Clarke Kent glasses. The Superman score begins playing in the background. The stormtroopers are dumbfounded, looking at each other…a then Gurley takes off into the sky, proving he actually is Superman. Never had a doubt.


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