Why you haven't heard one word from UGA quarterback Jacob Eason

Everyone knows who Jacob Eason is now. 

Sports fans have known about him for quite some time. But after his touchdown pass to Isaiah McKenzie to beat Missouri Saturday, now every sports fan and his brother-- even mother-- now know about the true freshman taking control of the Georgia Bulldogs' offense. 

But even as his popularity surges, there is a metaphorical strip of duct tape over Eason's mouth personally placed by head coach Kirby Smart.

A reporter asked Smart this week about the continual embargo on speaking with Eason.

Smart asked the reporter what year Eason was. The reporter responded saying freshman. The reporter pointed out that at 18, Eason could enter the military. Smart wasn't having any of that, asking again what year he was.

“Okay, we have a policy here and Jacob Eason adheres to that policy, too,” Smart said. “Thanks.”

There is no policy at UGA athletics regarding freshman speaking to the media. However, Smart may be referring to the policy that an athlete does not speak to the media without approval by the department. Yet, Smart did not let Greyson Lambert speak to the media after Georgia's win against UNC, either. He is a senior.

This ban on speaking to Eason, who ranks sixth in the SEC in passing yards with 643, will likely last all season. No getting to ask him about his first time putting together a game-winning drive for the Bulldogs, about his ability to be so mature and collected as a true freshman playing in the SEC, or about his mom's reactions to her little boy's first touchdown pass. 

It's not surprising, though. Smart hails from Alabama, and Nick Saban does not allow true freshman to speak to the media. The media in Tuscaloosa is dealing with the same issue. True freshman quarterback Jalen Hurts is lighting up highlight reels, but isn't allowed to say a peep.

A couple years ago, Saban told the media why he put in place the policy. It stems back to his time as an assistant coach at Michigan State.

"We were at Michigan State and Plaxico Burress was a freshman, and I love Plaxico, don't get me wrong. He was a great player for us. We were going to play Michigan at Michigan, which is the biggest game of the year. I let freshmen talk to the media. He says, 'Yeah, going down there will be like taking candy from a baby.'"

"So, he just about got killed. They tried to kill him down there for 60 minutes in the game. We didn't win the game."

Saban has rubbed off on Smart, who was his defensive coordinator, and likely for the better. So trading off a few sound bites from Eason for a few more victories may be well worth it to fans.

So we'll just sit here and pout quietly.

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