Woody Harrelson stars in this gritty crime-drama based on the late 90's Los Angeles Rampart Scandal. The Rampart scandal refers to the corrupt anti-gang taskforce, in which over 70 officers were implicated of illegal activity including excessive beatings, unprovoked shootings, planting evidence, and a whole lot more tasteless things.

Harrelson's character, Dave Brown, is the last of the renegade cops still on the force. This is his story of survival with an evolving police department and how the change affects his personal life, his family and his future. His family is a mess, he is the father of two daughters, each from a different woman, oddly, both are sisters. He lives with them sometimes, and sometimes he doesn't.

The trouble starts when Brown gets videotaped beating a suspect who hit his car. He is now the obvious target for the District Attorney and an angry public who wants change.

Rampart is directed and co-written by Oren Moverman. This is his second film following the Academy Award nominated drama, The Messenger. It is written by James Ellroy, who brought you crime dramas like L.A. Confidential, Street Kings, The Black Dahlia and Dark Blue. It also stars Ben Foster, Sigourney Weaver, Steve Buscemi, Ice Cube and Robin Wright. It is rated R and runs 108 minutes (or 1 hour and 48 minutes).

If you enjoy a good crime drama, or movies like Street Kings, Brooklyn's Finest or 16 Blocks check this flick out on DVD or Digital.

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