ATLANTA -- Tim Burton and Johnny Depp team up again to bring you this retake of the 1970s dark soap opera "Dark Shadows." The cast is fantastic, but the story is weak and execution is weaker.

Depp stars as Barnabus Collins, who managed to catch the eye of one of his servants, Angelique. Angelique fell in love with him, but Barnabus did not fall for her. Since he wouldn't love Angelique, she, being a witch, cursed him to be a vampire and killed the woman he loved. He was then buried by an angry mob for 200 years only to arise in 1972, when his family's estate was in disrepair and their business stolen by none other...than Angelique. It's then a battle between vampire and witch for the town, family and freedom.

The movie does have its funny moments, but the story was missing something. The elements of the plot didn't flow well together. There were some random partsthat felt like a high schooler wrote it, and for the amount of talent involved in the making of this movie, I expected a lot more.

Speaking of casting...Michelle Pfieffer, Eva Green, Helena Bonham Carter, Jackie Earl Haley and even a cameo or two with Alice Cooper and Christopher Lee...they did well in their respective parts, but I expected so much more from them.

The bottom line? It is a decent movie, it does feel a little different for Tim Burton film. There are a few questionable scenes involving the inference of oral sex between Depp and Carter; language is fine and violence is mostly sci-fi in nature. There is blood of course being a vampire flick. I would wait for DVD/BluRay/Streaming rather than see it in theaters.

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