ATLANTA -- When he creates them, hedoesn'tknow how they're going to sound, but one thing is for sure -- the sound will be unique.

Mike Snowden, creator of cigar box guitars, moved to Atlanta in the 1980s to try his hand at becoming a rock star. He was a member of a touring band who shared the stage with the likes ofthe Dave Matthews Band and Decatur's own Indigo Girls.

11Alive photojournalist JohnKirtley caught up with Snowden at the Tunes for the Tomb music festival in Oakland Cemetery, where he captivated audiences with his creation.

"Sometimes I look down like, what am I doing man? And then a guy from France will email me and I'm like, that's why I do it ---becausepeople dig it, " Snowden said.

Cigar boxguitarscan be purchased onlineor at different festivals around Atlanta. Theycost anywhere from $300 to $500.

Snowden willbegin a UK tourin August, which will include headlining Boxstock Festival in Manchester.

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